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HP HSR6800 Series Routers
The HP HSR6800 Router Series is a portfolio of high-performance WAN services routers that are ideal for large-scale data center and campus WAN networks.

These routers are built with a multicore distributed processing architecture that scales up to 420 Mpps forwarding and up to 2 Tbps switch capacity. They deliver robust routing (MPLS, IPv4, IPv6, dynamic routing, and nested QoS), security (stateful firewall, IPSec/Dynamic VPN, DoS protection, and NAT), full Layer 2 switching, traffic analysis capabilities, and high-density 10GbE (and 40/100 GbE-ready) WAN interface options—all integrated in a single high-performance routing platform.

Building Block Computers supplies you with a choice of these HP series of routers. The comprehensive portfolio of HP Networking (formally known as ProCurve) routers provide a robust array of wide area connectivity options, easy to use VPN capabilities and comprehensive security features. From accessories to spare parts, we provide you with dependable quality parts. Call today for latest pricing and ask about HP RENEW savings.
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