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HP Alpha Server Series
Building Block Computers supplies you with a choice of these DEC, Compaq and HP Alpha series of servers and workstations. From fully configured systems, upgrades, peripherals and spare parts, we provide you with dependable quality parts all backed with a full 90 day warranty.

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HP Alpha Overview
HP Alpha Series photo
Part Number Description
AS Series
AS200 AlphaStation 200 Series workstation,100Mhz, 166Mhz or 233Mhz  
AS250 AlphaStation 250 Series workstation. 4/266Mhz  
AS255 AlphaStation 255 Series workstation, 4/233Mhz and 4/255Mhz  
AS500 AlphaStation Workstation  
AS600 AlphaStation Workstation  
AS800 AlphaServer System available 333Mhz, 400Mhz and 500Mhz  
XP1000 AlphaStation 667 MHz Workstation  
AS1000 AlphaServer 1000 and AlphaServer 1000a Systems  
AS4000/AS4100 AlphaServer 4000 and AlphaServer 4100 Systems  
DS Series
DS10 Entry Level, 3U AlphaStation or AlphaServer  
DS15 Entry Level, 3U AlphaStation or High density Alphaserver  
DS25 AlphaServer or AlphaStation available with up to two 1.0Ghz Alpha Processors  
ES Series
ES40 Scalable Enterprise AlphaServer  
ES45 Scalable Enterprise AlphaServer  
ES47 AlphaServer or AlphaStation tower and drawer systems  
ES80 AlphaServer scalable up to 8 processor mid -range system  
GS Series
GS80 AlphaServer Enterprise Class scalable up to 8 processors  
GS1280 AlphaServer Enterprise Class scalable up to 64 processors  
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