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DEC MicroVAX and VAXstation Series
Building Block Computers supplies you with a choice of these DEC MicroVAX and VAXstation series of servers and workstations. From fully configured systems, upgrades, peripherals and spare parts, we provide you with dependable quality parts all backed with a full 90 day warranty.

MicroVax 3100 Series Overview
MicroVax 4000 Series Overview
VAXstation Series Overview
DEC MicroVAX and VAXstation series photos
Part Number Description
MicroVAX 3100 Series
DV-31SCA-XX MicroVAX 3100 Model 96 OpenVMS Base Server Call
DV-31SCC-XX MicroVAX 3100 Model 98 OpenVMS Base Server Call
MicroVAX 4000 Series
47DBM-B9 MicroVAX 4000 Model 100A Base OpenVMS Base Server Call
DV-415AA-D9 MicroVAX 4000 Model 105A 32MB Base OpenVMS Base Server Call
DV-416AA-E9 MicroVAX 4000 Model 106A 64MB Base OpenVMS Base Server Call
DV-47AEA-E9 MicroVAX 4000 Model 705A 64MB Base OpenVMS Base Server Call
VAXstation Series
PV71A-AA VAXstation 4000 Model 90 workstation Call
PV71A-AB VAXstation 4000 Model 90A workstation Call
PV71A-BA VAXstation 4000 Model 96 16MB workstation Get Quote
Options and Spare Parts
H7819-AA VAX4000-XX Power Supply Call
30-34690-01 H7819-AA Spare Part Number Call
PV71G-AA LCSPX 8-plane 2D graphics module Call
54-21795-01 PV71G-AA Spare Part Number Call
KA49-A VS4000-90 CPU Motherboard Call
54-21177-01 KA49, VS4000-90 236 MHz Motherboard Call
KA49-A+ VS4000-90A CPU Motherboard Call
54-21177-02 KA49+, VS4000-90A CPU Motherboard Call
KA49-C VS4000-96A CPU Motherboard Call
54-21177-03 KA49-C, VS4000-96A CPU Motherboard Call
MS44L-BC 16MB Memory Option Call
MS44-DC 64MB Memory Option Call
RZ28M-E 2.1GB 3.5 inch SCSI disk drive Call
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