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HP AlphaStation DS10 System
The HP AlphaStation DS10 is an entry level workstation that was available with a 466MHz and 600MHz 64-bit processor. The AlphaStation DS10 is a low-cost workstation that supports the capabilities of Tru64 UNIX and OpenVMS in an expandable desktop design or rack-mount configuration.

Building Block Computers can supply you with a choice of these HP AlphaStation DS10 desktop and rack-mount configurations. From Fully configured systems to upgrades, peripherals and spare parts, we can provide refurbished quality parts all backed with a full 90 day warranty.

HP AlphaStation DS10 Overview
HP AlphaStation DS10 System photo
Part Number Description Quote
DA-PB10A-AC AlphaStation DS10 466MHz, 256mb, Tru64 UNIX Call
DY-PB10A-AC AlphaStation DS10 466MHz, 256mb, OpenVMS Call
DA-74BAA-EA AlphaStation DS10 600MHz, 512mb, Tru64 UNIX Call
DA-74BAA-FA AlphaStation DS10 600MHz, 1GB, OpenVMS Get Quote
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