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HP B2000 400MHz UNIX Workstation
HP B2000 Visualize, PA-8500 400MHz UNIX Workstation (A5983A)

The HP A5983A, B2000 is part of HP’s PA-RISC Workstation line. Handles low- to mid-range mechanical and electrical design tasks, and provides long-term stability for embedded solutions. Includes low maintenance, a great choice of graphics and a desktop or rack-mount configuration.

Building Block Computers can supply you with a choice of these HP A5983A B2000 desktop and rack-mount configurations. From Fully configured systems to upgrades, peripherals and spare parts, we can provide refurbished quality parts all backed with a full 90 day warranty.

Parts Removal / Replacement Guide

• 400MHz PA-8500 processor
• Up to 4 GB of PC120 SDRAM (4 DIMM slots)
• One tray for two 3.5 Ultra2-Wide LVD SCSI Hard Drives with 80-pin SCA connector
• One Tray for a 3.5” Floppy Drive
• One Tray for a half-height 5.25” IDE drive, external accesible
• HP fxe graphics options • HP-UX Operating System
HP B2000 400MHz UNIX Workstation photo
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